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Winnie is our favourite clinic cat!

Winnie came to us as a stray found in the spring of 2012 at Granite Ridge Golf Course. She has turned out to be an ideal clinic cat. She is friendly with people, dogs and cats and she hardly ever gets into trouble! Check in occasionally to see what new tr

Everyone loves Winnie!

"Soft Paws"

Winnie is wearing red Soft Paws

Laboratory Assistant?

Winnie is helping in the lab where we run blood, urine and fecal samples

A cozy bed on a cold day!

Winnie likes to try out the new beds and toys we get in to the clinic

Entertaining the troups

At bedtime Winnie keeps the other patients company

Thats not a blanket!

Now that surgery gown will need to be re-washed wrapped and autoclaved!


Don't let that cute face fool you ... she's trouble!

Winnie the Jungle Cat!