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Winnie: Ambassador of Wingrove 

Winnie is our wonderful, adorable and comical clinic cat! She is our official clinic greeter and daily entertainment! Winnie arrived at Granite Ridge Golf course in the dead of winter in 2012. One of our very caring clients could not bear to see this young cat outside all winter so Winnie spent her first few months apprenticing in the shop. Come April it was too busy for Winnie so she came to us in hopes of finding a home. It didn't take long for us to realize how perfect she is for Wingrove!

Winnie brings a smile to our faces daily with her antics and the cute ways about her. Our clients now look for her when they arrive. She can be found greeting cats and dogs as they arrive, lying on keyboards, amongst the lab equipment, in boxes, on staff laps or under her blanket in the lounge. As pictured, she does also love to find a sunny spot!

I think if Winnie could speak, she would tell you she loves us almost as much as we love her!


Jenny is one of our Registered Veterinary Technician and has been with us at Wingrove since 2008. She received her diploma from Ridgetown college in 2006 where she graduated top of her class! Jenny lives with her lab cross and 4 cats. When Jenny isn't working she can be found playing ball in the park with her pup or buried under a pile of pets trying to watch a movie. She has a keen interest in pet nutrition and can answer any dietary questions you may have.


We are delighted that Meagan is back with us at Wingrove. She is also a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). She looks forward to seeing our amazing clients and their pets at their next appointment.



Michelle (RVT)  has joined our team. We hope you will have a chance to meet her.  She has an adorable dog named Denver (photo coming soon!) We hope to also have her BIO posted soon. In the meantime enjoy the photo of Joe (with permission from a client)


Arlene is one of the friendly voices you will hear on the phone or the first to greet you when you come in. She has been with us since 2015. Since she was young, Arlene has shared her home with cats. Her first dog Teddy came into her life when they bought their country property - he came with it! Since then their family has been fortunate to have had so many other animals to love. Arlene, her husband and their son share their home (and barn) with 2 dogs, and 9 cats. Please don't mention to her about any Siamese cats needing a home.  Arlene loves to read and to find recipes for anything sweet! 



Katie will be returning To Wingrove for the Summer. She has completed her first year at the Ontario Veterinary College. We hope you have a chance to meet her.


Emily graduated from the University of Guelph with an Honours degree in Animal Biology and a special focus on animal behavior and welfare. Her passions lie with wildlife and all avian species and her goal is to pursue a veterinary medicine degree. She has 3 pets at home, a FIV+ cat named Nice Kitty (NK), a senior bunny named Mocha and an Australian Shepherd named Maple. She can be found hiking or training Maple in her off hours or curled up with NK and Mocha enjoying a good book.  We are thrilled to announce that Emily is now attending the Ontario Veterinary College.  You may see her periodically at the clinic on a Saturday shift.


Taylor joined the Wingrove team after previously completing her high school co-op placement at the clinic.  She hopes to pursue a career as an RVT and is quickly gaining experience at the clinic.  She spends most of her time away from the clinic with her best friend STORMY - her FIRST DOG that was given to her by her grandmother.  Outside of work hours she also spends time at her grandparents hobby farm, playing hockey and spending time with her family.  We hope you have a chance to meet her soon.


Jillian is another of the friendly voices that you will hear when you call the clinic.  We hope that you have a chance to speak with her.  Jillian recently joined the Wingrove team and can't wait to meet our wonderful clients and their amazing pets (she has met some while assisting with their 'weigh in').  She graduated with Honours from Ridgetown College - where she received her certificate in Veterinary Office Administration.  She spends her time away from the clinic with her family and on adventures with her beautiful cattledog puppy Cowboy (P.S. he is adorable).


Following different jobs, Jo-Anne followed her heart; enrolled and graduated with Honours as a Veterinary Assistant.  She joined the Wingrove team at the Reception desk after clinic work in Cambridge and Guelph.  Also known as the Bunny Lady, Jo-Anne founded Running Rabbit Farm Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary which helps pet rabbits in need.  She happily shares her home with her rabbits and five VERY spoiled cats.  In her spare time (when she has some) Jo-Anne likes reading, hiking, sewing and painting.  We hope that you will meet Jo-Anne soon.


Bio & photo coming soon ....


Anna knew from an early age that she wanted to work with animals and never considered another career path.  She was lucky to have found her passion so early in life!  She commenced her veterinary career in Toronto and we are fortunate that she continues her career with us at Wingrove.  Over the past several years, she has studied pet nutrition and the role it plays in disease treatment and prevention.  In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, her dog Kody (pictured), Ivy (an English Mastiff), Sophie (yellow Lab) and cats Spider-Man & Wilson as well as her 3 pet rats-Hermione, Bella and Autumn.  Welcome Anna !

Averi, Grish, Chantelle have also joined our Wingrove Veterinary team.  We hope to have their photos and bio's posted soon. 

Enjoy the photo of Avery (with permission from a client).